Dark stories, tales of whimsy and random brain droppings.

Ballroom Dreams

I entered the ballroom and searched for her in a sea of gowns and tuxedo. I had to find her, to touch her. All these masks! The ladies looked like angels floating across the floor like visions of light and color. The men pranced around in their feathered cowls, displaying their plumage.

A tray of champagne appeared; I gathered two glasses as I spied my heaven-sent. She glanced my way and I say her eyes sparkle as she winked before replacing her mask.

In the center of the room, we stopped. I bowed and she curtsied. We danced and danced until the clock struck twelve.

Bubbles fell and we made for the balcony, shutting the door. It was only us, alone in the cool summer air, watching the fireworks over the lake.

She took off my mask, and I hers. We kissed and danced by moonlight to our own music.

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