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Cheerios Are Evil

So my grandson was visiting with us on the weekend. He’s a great kid. Having him around is an inspiration to get healthy.

I was feeding him Cheerios for breakfast. The smelled so good! So I had some. Just a handful. Once I had a taste of them I had another handful. I had a couple of handfuls here and there through the weekend. So sweet! That taste of sugar had me wanting more.

Then I realized that I wasn’t feeling so well. I was bloated and sick to my stomach. What did I eat?

Oh yeah… Cheerios. Aren’t they supposed to be good for you?

I guess that after 4 months of being grain-free, I’m a wee bit more in tune with what it does to me.

Grain makes me sick. It makes me fat. I gotta remember to behave like I’m “allergic” to the stuff — it makes me swell up (by 75 pounds)!

And sugar is addictive as ol’ hell. Damn, that stuff is evil.

Within a couple of meals of eating primal proper, my healthy gut returned.

It was a good reminder.

As a side note, my blood work came back with some great news. My blood sugar (diabetes runs in my family), triglycerides (so does heart disease), liver enzymes (these were high previously) and uric acid (had a bout of gout a few years ago) numbers are all back in the normal range. My thyroid (metabolism) is healthy. I still have some challenges with cholesterol (stopped taking the statin drugs) and low bio-available testosterone, but the doctor encouraged me to continue to pursue a wellness approach before taking medication. The upside is that my primal fitness goals align well with addressing these concerns. I just have to get on the right side this ankle sprain and I’m good to go.

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