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Eddie's Decision

No one fucks with Eddie. I grab the green duffel bag and stuff the small assortment of my belongings into it: a pair of jeans, a couple t-shirts and shit like that. So much horse-fuckery. These assholes have no idea what they’re up against. I grab my pocket knife off the counter and stuff it in my pocket. I loop the bag across my shoulder and head for the barracks door. Something catches my eye. Haley’s lucky shoelace. Crazy bitch gave it to me. I put the bag down and sit on the cot, running my fingers through my hair. Shit. I can’t leave her.

Christ, there’s no bottom to this shit show, is there? It keeps getting deeper and deeper. If that jack-off, Harris, wants me to lead his misfits, well screw him. Enough is enough already. There’s a reason why I ended up in that freak show cage in the first place and I’m not going back. No siree, Bob! I’m never going to be responsible for anyone’s lame-ass decisions anymore. Too much blood has been spilled already in the name of duty. Eddie’s number one customer these days is Eddie and I like it like that. Fuck that noise. Goddammit, Haley. Why the Hell did you have to go and take off like that?

Photo by gaelx

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