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I’m a little late with this entry — it’s been a crazy month and a tumultuous week or so.

I’m a little disappointed with the results of my May challenge: morning cardio, old-skool exercises and evening dog-walking. In hindsight, this was probably too aggressive.

I was about 22/30 walking the dog (yay Sheba), but the cardio was pretty shoddy at less than 50%. The calisthenic routine was a bust although I’ll give myself a little slack there due to a nasty fall I took the end of April where my chest and a cinder block became violently acquainted.

Add in building a deck, celebrating my 40th and saying goodbye to our dear friend Misty, well, it’s been challenging.

But: “Shenanigans!”

I don’t have any excuse for not mounting the treadmill. I just let the month’s events get away from me.

So, I’ll take the win for what worked and my lumps for the rest.

However, I will proudly say that I’m still abstaining from sugar and flour. It’s been nearly 10 weeks since I quit the stuff. Diet-wise, I’m pretty much following the Primal Blueprint full-bore.

On top of the 20 pounds I lost in April, I’ve shed another 15 in May. The loss-rate has slowed considerably, but remains consistent. I went from being a size 48 and trying on 50s to a size 44 trying on 42s.

It’s hard to argue with results. So onward I soldier.

This month’s challenge is pretty straightforward: cardio and callisthenics (take two). The office-peer challenge is still running too. I have lots of support there and at home. I’ll take what I learned from last month — especially about managing personal time — and make it work. So far, so good.

I’m also preparing to write my PMP certification exam on the 25th so there’s quite a bit of time to sink there as well.

Wish me luck!