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I firmly believe in the golden rule, which is a common thread with all religions — it’s unfortunate the opposing biological imperative still reigns.

Still, I try to be respectful of others beliefs, despite what can be humorouschristian extremist and atheist flame-bait. In the end, it’s an individual choice but we tend overlook the importance of teaching human ethics in the interest of not wishing to offend.

Exploring topics like the problem of evil, determinism and religion is a common past-time for me especially when I’m up and about early on Sunday mornings whilst everyone else is in repose. Ah, the wonders of being a morning person!

Today was no different.

Magic tricks and benevolent zombies aside, I think there is a lot of learning to be gained by examining the ministry of Jesus and its place in history. Throw in some comparative mythology, the Pentecost and some early church history and you have the manufactured controversy for Dan Brown’s next novel.

Anyway, reviewing the ethic of reciprocity got me to thinking about going down the rabbit-hole that is meta-ethics as an analytical tool for understanding the human condition.

I wonder how deep it is.