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So, first the update. Currently, I weigh 239.2 pounds and a wear a size 38 pants. That’s down 67 pounds and 10 pant sizes since April. 92 pounds gone over all. Minus 7 in September is slightly under my monthly average of -10 but is expected and certainly acceptable.

Last month’s personal experiment was around Intermittent Fasting (IF) — essentially skipping breakfast for 30 days and creating a regular pattern of 16 hour fasts followed by an 8 hour eating window. Ideally, weight exercises were to be performed prior to breaking the fast.

Well, I was about 75% compliant on the fast but pretty much struck out on the training element. Life happens. I saw no appreciable change on the scale that I could hang on the eating protocol. The only conclusion I can draw is that IF, by itself, is not necessarily a weight-loss strategy. However, the research says that combined with mild weight training, there can be increased fat burning associated with intermittent fasting. So, your mileage may vary.

Upon reflection, I did learn a few things over the course of the month — especially about perceived hunger and my relationship with food.

Mainly, I have discovered that I can easily skip a meal without having a sugar crash, lightheadedness or other anxiety. I will survive without constant intake. It’s hard to believe how much emotional stake I put on regular meals. I just don’t mind being slightly hungry anymore. This can likely be attributed to having adapted my metabolism to be fat-based over carb-based.

I also learned that I have a minimum caloric requirement. About 1200-1400 kcal works for me — provided I get enough fat and protein. I feel strongest when I hit that zone.

Perhaps the biggest lesson is that I don’t really thrive on a regimented system. Skipping breakfast, watching a clock and eating when I wasn’t hungry so I wouldn’t be hungry was too much work, too much stress. Really, it was counter-intuitive to a commitment to sustainable lifestyle change. Being able to do this forever is important to me. I’m not a Spartan. Sorry.

Perhaps I’ll revisit fasting protocols if I have a training objective (like a half-marathon) to drive regimentation. But not right now. Or in the near future.

Besides, even if breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day, it’s certainly my favorite. Bring on the bacon and eggs!

This month’s health challenge will be about staying the course within the core tenets of the Primal Blueprint. Plain and simple. I journal my food (old Weight Watchers habit — “you bite, you write”) and track my daily macronutrient (100g carb maximum and 80g protein minimum) intake. I’ll walk everyday. I’ll lift some heavy stuff and sprint when I feel like it. Living healthily shouldn’t be difficult or be a penance to endure.

It’s time to let go and play.

All that aside, October 1st (today) is a Monday which makes this month a great month to start a productivity challenge. Again. For the last time. Again. For me, it’s a no-brainer. I’ve been adopting elements of Agile Results for nearly a year now and have found great utility in its “minimally rigid structure” approach. So, I’ll march through 30 Days of Getting Results starting right meow. If you’re interested (it’s free), give it a shot. Drop me a line if you like — we can compare notes.

Wish me luck!