Down the Rabbit-hole at Easter

I firmly believe in the golden rule, which is a common thread with all religions — it’s unfortunate the opposing biological imperative still reigns. Still, I try to be respectful of others beliefs, despite what can be humorouschristian extremist and atheist flame-bait. In the end, it’s an individual choice but we tend overlook the importance …

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Coffee Week — Saturday

Happy Caturday! Blossom is the oldest of my cats at 14 summers. I fancy her to be a tea drinker. Tia (our youngest) on the other hand, is probably a full-bore caffeine junkie.

Coffee Week — Friday

Pretty late in the day and far under quota for coffee consumption — lowered my standards to convenience store brew. I was surprised in a meeting by a unadvertised project that will likely side-swipe my team. It set me off my stride today. I just dropped my brother off at the airport for a 3 …

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Coffee Week — Thursday

I’m in planning meetings all day that will probably feature the stereotypical coffee urn of curious vintage. As long as it’s not decaf, we’ll get along. I like planning meetings when I get to lead them somewhat (as I will today and tomorrow). They end up being very creative and conspiratorial scheming sessions with a …

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Coffee Week — Wednesday

To be honest, I’ll ingest coffee in any form by the middle of the week. Sometimes, I’ve been tempted to take a jar of instant and eat it dry with a spoon. Good thing there’s a kettle. I’d hate to see someone have to perform an “intervention” because I mainlined some Taster’s Choice. At least …

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Coffee Week — Tuesday

While attending university in Antigonish, I stayed with my grandparents. My grandmother had founded a little restaurant across the street called the Cottage Store that served the local students. But, when I was there, the store was run by my uncle as my grandmother was older and bound to a wheelchair because of bad hips …

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Coffee Week — Monday

Today was a Tim’s morning. The much-hyped storm produced a good layer of ice pellet sheeting everything. The rest of the day is to be filled with a good slathering of cold miserable rain and drizzle. Alas, while the kids managed a day off school, a work day was still in the cards for most …

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Coffee Week — Sunday

I balance lazy, affordable and tasty when I make coffee. I use inexpensive gear that can be picked up at any grocery store or Walmart — a grinder, a press and a kettle. I usually try to do better than grocery store beans, but I’ll happily make do as even with this compromise, the coffee …

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