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“Happy New Year!” yelled Bernie to the drunken debauchery that his buddy Vince’s party had become. Amy sang Auld Lang Syne in the same style Marilyn Monroe s...

How Do You Create Your Characters?

1 minute read

Over the holidays, I was asked about the many characters in my stories and how I come up with them. I wasn’t able to provide a very good answer because I ten...


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Okay, Nicholas. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? When did you begin to have these dark thoughts? Uh-huh, I see. Since last Christmas? Really, that ...


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Special ornament If only I had duct tape She would never know Photo by pat00139

Ron's Gift

less than 1 minute read

The wrapped object under the tree was addressed to me, long and slender with a lumpy soft bit of business on the top. My brother-in-law looked on as I unwrap...

Gramp’s Grace

less than 1 minute read

I’m not a religious man, but sitting at head of the table where my grandfather would have normally sit, I looked around to my rarely-assembled family, all ea...

Backroom Elves

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“Blinky, put that wrench down and get over here. I need a hand.” “What’s up, Stinky? Can’t reach the top shelf?” “It’s not my fault I’m short.” “You’re an...

How Not to Be a Jerk Online

3 minute read

It goes without saying that being active on the Internet requires a thick skin. With social media tools like Facebook, we now all create content whether we r...

Newly Freed

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thin glaze on puddles little girls giggle and stomp ice crunches under foot Finally freed from him, the woman wipes the tears from her face, a bad year co...

The Last Voyage of the Nancy

1 minute read

Young Mary laced my bodice tight and helped me into my skirts. Dinner with the Captain required me to look my best. We’d been at sea for several months, and ...

The Bonded

3 minute read

Not every Fayre could be trusted. I learned that lesson early on. But for every million of the flittering little freaks that infested the planet, there was o...

Christmas Then and Now

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Christmases were stressful growing up, especially during my teen years. Money was tight and my folks weren’t getting along. It wasn’t until I was well into m...