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The Toy

less than 1 minute read

a haiku poem

Romance Versus Erotica

6 minute read

Oh, this is going to be fun! A couple of months ago I wrote ‘The (Not So) Definitive Guide to Romance Novels’ for Reader’s Carnival . It got me to thinking (...

Wendell's Solution

2 minute read

‘How the Hell did he get up there?’ thought Tony as he looked up the rampart wall of the prison’s exercise yard. Wendell held what could only be a shiv to th...


less than 1 minute read

I waited impatiently for my computer to shut down. It’d been a long day of meetings and Brenda called several times.

Sierra Enigma

6 minute read

It’s never been easy working in the same place where Mom died. The university’s sprawling campus occupied most of the peninsula, and the hospital sat at its ...

The Last Days of the Marcy Bell

2 minute read

Officially, the Marcy Bell was a salvage rig, licensed for Canadian and international waters but not American. Since 9/11, it was only through a sea of red t...

May Reflections — Part Two

2 minute read

In Part One of my May Reflection series, I played philosopher around positivity, intention and the Golden Rule. Really, paying yourself by ‘paying-it-forward...

Good Boy, Jake

less than 1 minute read

Rod in hand, I went to the lake, To fish for trout with my dog Jake. I cast my line, it went plop-plop. We waited for nature’s wat’ry crop.

Justin Takes Control

6 minute read

Agent Justin Cayse left the bordello from the rear, having escaped his captor. Ava Longleggs, always the most generous of hosts, enjoyed Mister Cayse’s visit...

May Reflections — Part One

less than 1 minute read

I attended the annual PD Summit in downtown Halifax this week with a slew of IT, business and marketing peeps. It’s always great to connect and reconnect wit...

For Love of the Short Story

3 minute read

Grok walked into the cave, tired and hungry. Today’s hunt bore little bounty and dusk quickly advanced into night. A solitary rabbit for his tribe would keep...