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For the Love of a Dragon

6 minute read

“Should anyone here present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

The Gators of Mars

2 minute read

So, who the fiddler’s flying fig decided Mars needed alligators?

Another Z in the Fourth Wall

3 minute read

Eddie’s fist connected with a satisfying crunch and Haley couldn’t keep from smiling. The zombie’s newly-detached lower jaw sailed through the air, flicking ...

A Quiet Ride

1 minute read

“I’d love to, babe, but my phone’s just about out of juice!”

The Way Home

3 minute read

Gwen barely could focus on the oncoming traffic as she headed for home. What a bitch of a day. All I want to do is rip off this bra and put on the give-up pj...

Good Morning

2 minute read

Let’s get the moral of the story up front, shall we? Never try to hypnotize a gypsy. Never host a bachelor party the night before the nuptials. Oh, and never...

The Writer

less than 1 minute read

Doug leans back in his Lazyboy and stretches his arms over his head with laced fingers.

Once Upon a Crayon

3 minute read

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful kingdom. It shone as a bright jewel among all the other kingdoms. Or at least it did— until a terrible darkness fell ...

Mary Had a Disgruntled Lamb

less than 1 minute read

Mary had a disgruntled little lamb, Whose fleece was greasy and matted And everywhere that Mary went, It rudely belched and farted.

A Gruff Patch

2 minute read

Bruno Gruff scratched his flea-bitten crotch and stared out the window. His brothers, Barney and Buford, bickered over the last patch of swamp grass. He snif...