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Thoughtful Magic

3 minute read

The life of a super-villainess was burdensome to Amy and when her fembot henchman, Stacey, suggested a vacation in her winter-lair on the Caribbean, she jump...

Flying Home

less than 1 minute read

I watched the sun set and the moon rise, As we flew, high in the skies. The clouds below, so milky white, Hills and valleys, an epic sight.

The Craftsman

2 minute read

“You see, Detective, I have a little problem with knives. I collect them, large and small. Not swords, mind you, or anything garish like that. Just a simple ...

Davey's Boat

3 minute read

There was only one bus in town and I missed the last run, its taillights taunting me with the faint spray from the wet wheels. As I stood hunched over, ass a...

Rocktober! Show me your horns!

2 minute read

I’m home sick today, cold sweats, eyes stinging, bones aching and head pounding. To be honest I feel like a reanimated corpse who’d rather be just left alone...


3 minute read

Betty haunted what passed for downtown Dorchester. It was two in the afternoon on a griddle-hot summer day. She had the whole crumbling sidewalk to herself. ...


3 minute read

Larry sat in the jail cell and tried to make himself invisible. The smell of piss, sweat and stale booze made him light-headed. An acrid mouthful of pre-vomi...


4 minute read

David Pemberton leaned into the mirror and fussed over the crow’s feet starting to creep into his face. He liked the look he was cultivating. While Janice su...

It's Groundhogs All The Way Down

1 minute read

September has rolled around again. Our youngest has been delivered to university to continue his journey into Awesomehood. My bride and I are alone without c...


6 minute read

It was a slow night, even for a Tuesday. The rain kept everyone off the streets and away from the watering holes. That suited me just fine given my mood as o...

A Hole in the Plan

2 minute read

The blade of the shovel rang loudly as it hit rock again. Dale winced. Sound carried far in the night. There was too much noise for one evening already. He s...