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Too Far from Home

1 minute read

Melanie closed one eye and focused on the board. After the last pitcher, her vision wasn’t much to be trusted. Come on’, Mel. Three darts and we finish this....

First Fledging

less than 1 minute read

I’ll never forget the first time I sat behind the yoke of dad’s old hovercar by myself, newly minted holo-license carefully filed in my e-wallet. I was all s...

Spider Man

less than 1 minute read

“Oh, thank you, Spiderman!” I said as I wrapped my arms around my masked rescuer as we swung from building to building, moving ever closer to the ground. Th...

Captain Underpants

less than 1 minute read

She asked me two times What did you say your name was? Captain Underpants

Bat Geriatrics

less than 1 minute read

“Alfred! Get me my cowl.” “But, Master Bruce. You donated that to the museum years ago.” “Did I?” “Yes, sir.” “The years are starting to slip by.” “To b...

At the Mall

less than 1 minute read

So, yeah, it all started when Mikey dared me to put my tongue on the cold post outside the mall entrance. There I stood, in my Wolverine costume on Halloween...


less than 1 minute read

Bob cruises with stealth Guppies and mollies beware Ninja-fish, vanish!

Mouse Caper

less than 1 minute read

The way I figure it, Tiny, is that if we take that piece of bacon you pinched from the giant’s plate and toss drag it over to the fuzzy floor, the dog will s...

Judgement Dogs

less than 1 minute read

“Pansy, did you see what that meathead did?” “No, Gracie, what?” “He locked himself outside.” “Again?” “Yup?” “Should we rescue his hairless butt and op...

Bad Bedtime Bacon

less than 1 minute read

Waking up thirsty, I stumbled to the kitchen and flicked on the light. My son Benny’s stupid frog sat on the counter wearing a tophat and tails. I cocked my ...

Genre Bending

1 minute read

I don’t have a favourite genre. Not to read. Not to write. Well, that’s not entirely true. Because if ‘dark’ was a genre, then I guess that’d be what you’d...

Self-publishing in a Nutshell

3 minute read

Okay, you’ve written a beautiful novel and wish to unleash your wordbaby on the world. There’s no doubt about it: traditional publishing is a long game. A...