Fiction - Page 8

Second Chances

2 minute read

Archie winced and swallowed. The beer tasted watery and flat. Ever since Pop died, this place wasn’t the same. Jug tried hard, but he didn’t have the mind fo...

Snow Day

2 minute read

Ellen loved her brother, of that there was no doubt. He worked hard to provide for his kids despite the long hours threatening to destroy his marriage to Kat...

Haley Meets Jimmy

3 minute read

I should have trusted my instincts. The girl, calling herself Haley, possessed a wild look about her. Despite the frame of a teenage girl, Haley put out the ...

A Promise Kept

2 minute read

“Damn,” Marnie said as she pulled over onto the icy soft-shoulder and got out, leaving the car running but the door ajar. The beep-beeping cut through me lik...


3 minute read

Jonas leaped over the barricade and wormed his way through an opening in the quarantine fence without being noticed, his stolen prize held tightly in his jaw...

Haley's Homecoming

2 minute read

I hitched my knapsack up over one shoulder and got off the bus. The bright summer sun and dusty air assaulted my senses after the long ride. I’d gotten used ...


less than 1 minute read

“Good man, where might I find your nearest mooring dock?”

Patching Annie

2 minute read

Walking by my daughter’s room with an armload of laundry, I pause to listen at the door. It’s always closed these days with Becky’s preteen need for privacy ...


less than 1 minute read

Leaves crunched noisily under foot despite their practiced woodsman experience. Autumn air froze everything brittle. Rifles slung, hunters like these knew ca...

The Apprentice

1 minute read

She wakes up groggy, and I watch from behind her eyes as she senses my invasion. I drink from her panic, revelling in its energy, so vibrant and alive.

Hallow's Morn

2 minute read

Jackie pulled the collar of her housecoat tight around her neck and opened the door to let her cat inside after his morning romp. She clutched the coffee cup...

The Standoff

less than 1 minute read

Missy’s moon shadow cast long, tail twitching in anticipation; the taste of freshly killed squirrel electrified her whiskers. She named her quarry Nemesis.