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WordPress, ActivityPub & Mastodon

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So, I deleted my Twitter and moved to Mastodon. I’m pretty convinced that decentralized social media is the future and currently that means ActivityPub is the protocol that unifies many disparate platforms.

This inspired me to re-platform my website and blog back to WordPress from Jekyll. I’ve struggled with Jekyll— not the tech, but rather the bit-twiddling tech procrastination that comes with it for me. I spent more time tweaking than writing.

While I successfully scratched the nerd itch, that’s all I was doing.

Moving back to WordPress reduces that friction. Enabling ActivityPub on the site and tethering to Mastodon reminds me of the excitement I had in the early Tumblr days—both short form and long form content on the same platform.

That feels right to me. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, this post should pop up via Activity Pub on Mastodon.


I’m enjoying the engagement on Mastodon so far. It will be interesting how this experiment plays out.

If nothing else, maybe I’ll get back in the habit of writing again.

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