Writings - Page 19

Emerald Fire

1 minute read

I had just parked my car and pressed the lock button when I noticed her. The old woman on the street pushed her shopping cart, stuffed to the brim with her l...

The Doorway

10 minute read

I climbed the back staircase of my grandparent’s old house. The layers upon layers of white paint adorned the railing and casings. They were only slightly du...

Timmy Calls Wish Fulfillement

1 minute read

“Hello. Wish Fulfillment Department, a division of Hopes and Dreams Incorporated. Welcome to our Customer Care Centre. Please listen carefully to the followi...

A Bargain

3 minute read

Saturday mornings were never complete without the obligatory yard sale run. We’d hop in the family beater and dash from trailer to trailer all over the park ...

Martin Makes His Stand

3 minute read

Martin slipped his battered old pickup into neutral and turned the engine off. Ol’ Trusty coasted behind the bluff and crunched on the gravel shoulder. He wi...


2 minute read

Every day of the week he wears masks, trading one mask for another. His true self always guarded and held apart from the world of men.

Danny's Redemption

20 minute read

A sharp breeze stirred up the gutter dirt as Danny crossed the otherwise motionless street. It stung his face, both the sandy debris and the cold air. He pul...

Stormy Night

25 minute read

It was a dark and stormy night. Sure, it’s cliché but thats how I remember how it all started. How I was forced in to making this decision. How I ended up a...