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I put the rest of the tools in the trunk and wheeled it over to the tie-downs. The sweat poured off my head despite the cooling salt air. It was a hot day and I pretty damn happy for sunset and a little downtime. I looked out at the orange glow of the ocean. Big sky.

Chief Petty Office Williams’ silhouette reminded me of why were were way the Hell out here. I stopped him before he could leave. “What’s the L.T. have in store us tonight, Chief.”

“No idea, Peters. The boss want us all on deck for midnight.”

“Squadron heading out again at oh-dark-hundred?”

“You ask too many questions, but, yeah, another sortie.”

“Did they find anything last night?”

“Negative. It’s a big ocean.”

“Aye, Chief. It is.”

He put his hand on my shoulder and lowered his voice. “Relax. Get some sleep, Peters. Reveille in three.”