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Daddy says it’s time to sleep,
To go to bed with naught a peep.
The clock winds down, the hour late.
I know I have to face my fate.

I trundle off towards my room,
To soldier on, to greet the doom.
Lurking darkly behind the door,
What’s that creaking on the floor?

Does he hide in closets and under beds,
Ripping, shredding, bloody red?
What’s the bang and scrape in the dark of night,
That keeps us children awake in fright?

I take a peek, beneath the bed.
Fearing that I’ll lose my head.
In the gloom, what do I espy?
But a dozen dark and soulless eyes.

Spidery arms and sticky feet,
A heap of rotten, putrid meat.
Matted-hair and rotted teeth
What evil danger lurks beneath?

The monster says with slithery tongue,
“Hear me now,” his words they hung.
With talons sharp and nasty breath,
Peddling lies and dealing death.

“Come closer, closer ever near”
“I promise you have naught to fear”
Music-made of evil words.
Begging, begging to be heard.

I can’t resist his lovely song.
Even as I sing along.
“Moon and stars in blackened sky”
I sing, I sing, still tears I cry.

“Quiet now, no need to bleat”
“Tasty morsel, mine to eat.”
Pointed talons and razor claw,
Drags me to a gaping maw.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I shall die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.