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Taken from: Why I’d rather be punched in the testicles than call customer service — The Oatmeal

I had an experience this week in craptacular customer service. It’s good to see The Oatmeal has my back.

I went to add minutes to my daughter’s pre-paid phone after supper one night last week — Bell Mobility if you’re interested.

Since I had previously setup web access to the account, that was where I started. I logged in and picked her number from the menu. I waited patiently for the progress indicator to indicate something besides “please wait”. I was presented a screen that said it could not find anything about the phone in question (you know, the one I selected from a pick list). I was directed to dial #321 from the phone to proceed.

Ok. Fine.

I gleefully did as was suggested and the voice menu offered that I should press 1 to report a stolen or lost phone (note that I called #321 from said phone, so… I dunno) or to wait while they searched my account.

After waiting for a while, I was informed that the customer service hours were now closed and that I could dial #321 to top up my phone 24/7.

I was then disconnected.

OK. Fine.

I decided to head to the phone kiosk at the grocery store to see if I could get them to top up the phone. I explained the situation. They readily took my money and clicked a few keys on their computer. The printer spit out a receipt.

I was hopeful.

The clerk then handed me the paper with a number circled and directed me to call in to have the top up activated. The number? #321.

I reminded the clerk of my plight and they said this was the only way to activate the top up.

Ok. Fine.

I asked, very politely, to whom I would register my complaint concerning Bell Mobility’s customer service. The clerk said I would have to call…

… #321

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