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April 2013 — One Year Later

So this morning, I weigh 231 pounds. That’s up one pound from last month. March sucked in many ways, and strict adherence to my plan was among them. But, hey —

Life happens.

I do note that this month does indeed stand as a milestone, Since last April, when I adopted the Primal Blueprint, I’ve dropped 75 pounds. In less than two years, I’ve lost 100.

Most importantly, I’ve kept it off.

So, even though my rate of loss has stalled a bit and I can be frustrated, it is important for me to reflect and hold on to the WIN**.

What’s next?

Easy. I’m going to live my life — a healthy life. Adopting a primal/paleo lifestyle wasn’t and isn’t temporary. It’s one of the lenses through which I approach life.

This month’s challenge is pretty straight forward: use a half-hour of my lunch hours to structure my fitness work plan.

  • Mondays: Yoga with Stefanie and the gang
  • Tuesdays: Weights with Andre and Clint
  • Wednesdays: Interval running with Andre and Clint
  • Thursdays: Weights with Andre and Clint
  • Fridays: Interval running with Andre and Clint

This is atop my existing habits of carb restriction, the 5k walk to work in the mornings and quick-n-dirty calisthenics while making breakfast.

I’m still working on my pull-ups. I have the bar mounted in the entrance to my laundry room, much to the peril of those taller than me. Every time I go there (which is often), I give it a go. It’s irregular, but working for me.

I’ve also registered for the 10k Bluenose Run on Victoria Day weekend. If I can stop rolling my ankle, it should be a fun event.

Oh, one more thing. I’m still doing my weekly writing thing in preparation for my novel-crafting effort this coming November. If you’re interested in reading my short-fiction training efforts, you can find them here.

Photo by Lord Jim

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