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Writing & Mental Wellness, Part 2

2 minute read

The internet is both a terrible and wonderful place. I’d been in a funk for about a year or so. I hadn’t written much and I finished even less. It was a symp...

Writing & Mental Wellness, Part 1

2 minute read

Mental wellness plagues society at large. Life is demanding and our resilience is low. The world asks a lot of us. Our families, our friends, our work. And e...

Your Story Needs an Audience

2 minute read

Art is an interestingly human form of expression. Somewhere between the amygdala and the cortex, our brains can conjure the most amazing things.


3 minute read

One piece of oft-spoken writing advice is to write every day.

Goal Setting

2 minute read

“How do you eat an elephant?”\ “One bite at a time.”

All I’m Going to Say About the Election

2 minute read

Populism can be a dangerous thing– where an informed opinion weighs as much as an uninformed one, where truth becomes subjective, and where the only voices h...

Before Dinner

less than 1 minute read

‘Tonight will be perfect’, she thought, snipping an errant shoot and placing the bonsai tree on the table’s centre. I will be perfect.

The Joker

less than 1 minute read

“Two guys walk into a bar; the third one ducks.”