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Haley Alone

1 minute read

The knife hit bone and Haley pushed it through into the soft cranial tissue. Red flowed around her hand, then grey, and then finally, black. She pulled back ...

Who Gardens the Gardeners?

5 minute read

Hello, said Tree. I’m in you and you’re in me. Hello, said Tree. Soon we’ll be a family.


2 minute read

“Why are you late?” she asked through gritted teeth, wincing and relaxing again.

Disrupting Disruption - Keystone Thoughts

1 minute read

No one. I mean NO ONE should be surprised about the Biden administration nixing the Keystone Pipeline. If you are surprised, you haven’t been paying attentio...

Writing & Mental Wellness, Part 2

2 minute read

The internet is both a terrible and wonderful place. I’d been in a funk for about a year or so. I hadn’t written much and I finished even less. It was a symp...

Writing & Mental Wellness, Part 1

2 minute read

Mental wellness plagues society at large. Life is demanding and our resilience is low. The world asks a lot of us. Our families, our friends, our work. And e...

Your Story Needs an Audience

2 minute read

Art is an interestingly human form of expression. Somewhere between the amygdala and the cortex, our brains can conjure the most amazing things.


3 minute read

One piece of oft-spoken writing advice is to write every day.

Goal Setting

2 minute read

“How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time.”