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Coffee Week — Monday

Today was a Tim’s morning.

The much-hyped storm produced a good layer of ice pellet sheeting everything. The rest of the day is to be filled with a good slathering of cold miserable rain and drizzle. Alas, while the kids managed a day off school, a work day was still in the cards for most everybody else.

Tim Horton’s coffee is a strong and slightly acidic brew that is wildly popular in Canada and even more so in Nova Scotia. My bedroom suburb of Lower Sackville (pop. 50K) has 9 of these shops — 3 within eyesight of each other. Owning a franchise is a license to print money.

The most common order is a “medium double-double”, but I take mine black. Urban legend has the evil overload purveyors lacing the drink with salt or MSG to enhance its addictive quality.

They are probably right. (checks tinfoil hat)

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