Coffee Week — Monday

Coffee Week — Monday

Today was a Tim’s morning.

The much-hyped storm produced a good layer of ice pellet sheeting everything. The rest of the day is to be filled with a good slathering of cold miserable rain and drizzle. Alas, while the kids managed a day off school, a work day was still in the cards for most everybody else.

Tim Horton’s coffee is a strong and slightly acidic brew that is wildly popular in Canada and even more so in Nova Scotia. My bedroom suburb of Lower Sackville (pop. 50K) has 9 of these shops — 3 within eyesight of each other. Owning a franchise is a license to print money.

The most common order is a “medium double-double”, but I take mine black. Urban legend has the evil overload purveyors lacing the drink with salt or MSG to enhance its addictive quality.

They are probably right. (checks tinfoil hat)

Doug Langille

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