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May Reflections — Part One

I attended the annual PD Summit in downtown Halifax this week with a slew of IT, business and marketing peeps. It’s always great to connect and reconnect with folks not normally in my monkeysphere. There were three of us from NSCC and made for a rowdy table. Sometimes, an external context makes for interesting conversation. Between sessions, we solved all the world’s ills.

Eddie LeMoine’s keynote and follow-up sessions stood out as highlights for me. I’d first met him sixteen years ago and found him to be both kinetic and chaotic. That hasn’t changed much. He’s a man in constant re-invention.

Today’s Eddie talked about generational trends in the workplace, its challenges and motivations— all good stuff. He spoke to his own experiences in positivity, intention and realizing personal potential. He also plugged his book, ‘Bring About What You Think About.’ It’s a good quick read.

While I believe in the mindset of positivity as a healthier life framework, I’ve always been more than a little skeptical of the mumbo-jumbo Law of Attraction junk. The nuance, and where it makes sense, can be summed up in a Samuel Smiles quote:

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