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Bump in the Night

less than 1 minute read

Matted-hair and rotted teeth, what evil danger lurks beneath? Pointed talons and razor claw, drags you into a gaping maw. He hides in closets and under b...

Ballroom Dreams

less than 1 minute read

I entered the ballroom and searched for her in a sea of gowns and tuxedo. I had to find her, to touch her. All these masks! The ladies looked like angels flo...

High Seas Laundry

less than 1 minute read

Captain Hook, he climbed the deck, Lookin’ for Smee, to give him heck.

All About Using Images

4 minute read

So, you’ve lovingly tapped out ‘The End’ at the bottom of your masterpiece. Huffing a breath of relief that you’ve done it: your word baby is born and you wa...


5 minute read

“Hold the elevator, please,” said Trudy. I stuck my arm in the closing doors and they bounced open, to much irritation judging by the disgruntled huff behind...

Fletcher Returns

1 minute read

Carol Bannister placed the breakfast tray in front of her Aunt Jessica and stood staring out the window at the autumn leaves swirling about the grounds.

Words to Kill

less than 1 minute read

Part of the self-editing process (you do self-edit, right?) is to clean-up passive voice, needless adverbs and filler words. This is typically done in a pass...

Marching On

1 minute read

So, what has been going on since I posted here back in January? Good question. Let’s see:

The Men That Don't Fit In

2 minute read

Some of the best memories of my grandfather are of Robert W. Service. Gramp would, at every opportunity, recite from memory any number of poems. We’d goad hi...

The Hand

less than 1 minute read

My hand’s all numbers so what the heck? I drew a card from atop the deck, My palms were wet and my cheeks a-fire A chip and a chair with stakes ne’er high...