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Rocktober! Show me your horns!

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I’m home sick today, cold sweats, eyes stinging, bones aching and head pounding. To be honest I feel like a reanimated corpse who’d rather be just left alone to rot. There’s a bug going around at work. I really hope it isn’t a zombie variety. O_O

So here is the my monthly post before I crawl back into the corner of the couch,clutching my coffee while shivering under a blanket.


  • 233 lbs, down 5 from last month. Very happy with that. I hope it becomes a trend. It’s been nearly a year at the same weight after losing the first 100. But hey, I didn’t gain it back.
  • I went 26 of 30 days without sugar. That’s 87% compliance. Of course, I’m not counting the 99% Lindt chocolate. Don’t judge. It’s delicious.
  • Walking and running has been pretty much on track given the weather, but I’m off the wagon with weight-training.
  • Commitment for this month is to hold the course and get my exercise regimen back on track.


  • Super-satisfied with some of my writing shorts lately.
  • I’m really enjoying the community at Writer’s Carnival and happy to get the opportunity to volunteer my time. It’s quite magical.
  • The prompts and responses at Writer’s Digest seems to be on an up-swing these days. Lots of great authors and stories there.
  • My piece “Artemis’ Nightrise” is getting republished this month at Dark Futures. Last time was a contest win. This time, I get paid. Sweet.
  • I’ve decided that i won’t be making a ‘go’ at NaNoWriMo this year. I have way too much on the go to be ready and commit to that endeavor. The story bubbling around in my head may not wait until next year though, so stay tuned.
  • The big hairy deal for the month is the release of “Midnight Abyss” on Halloween. It’s a collection of short stories and poems that a slew of us put together. I have two stories in it, ‘A Love, Darkly’ and ‘Eddie Zero’, as well as a poem called ‘The Clown’. Those following along might have read early versions of these. I can’t wait for you to read them. The other stories and poems are full of AWESOME and WIN too.
    The book comes out on October 31st in dead-tree print and ebook formats. Check out Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Goodreads for details.


  • I have a bunch of other things going on at work as well, including the EDUCAUSE conference in Aneheim, a bunch of campus visits and co-teaching an all-day project management seminar. There’s a heap of crazy exciting project work on my docket as well. Weeeeeee!


  • Empty nesting is going A-OK. I really enjoy being able to share space with my wife. We’ve never known each other without kids underfoot. These are good days.
  • Kids and grandson are all doing great. There’s a lot of which to be proud.
  • Shout out to my stepmother and mother-in-law. These ladies are dealing with a lot health-wise lately. Send them your good vibes.

See ya all on the flipside!

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