Dark stories, tales of whimsy and random brain droppings.

Scare Tactics

“Why don’t you try poking out your eyes?”

“And put them on my fingers again? Nah, that just made the last group laugh?”

“Spitting cockroaches? You do that and I’ll use my slimy tentacles.”

“Sorry, I’m out of roaches. It’ll have to be spiders.”

“Are you trying to scare me? I hate those eight-legged freaks.”

“Tough luck. Ooooo… I love what you’ve done with the tentacles. The hairy suckers are a nice touch.”

“Thanks. Been saving this as a surprise for later when we’re alone.”

“You dirty dog!”

“A dirty dog with tentacles, spider-lady.”

“Shhh… here they come. We’ll pick this up later.”

Photo by creepyhalloweenimages

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