Haley Burning

This continues from another segment: Haley’s Homecoming, part of an untitled larger work. The door opened behind me, and I turned to face the intruder, hiding the knife behind my back. Not in the least surprised, I quietly waited, gauging what would happen next. Tactical assessment ruled my life these days; it was all tactics, all […]


On Heroes and Villains

Art via herocomplexgallery. When I was in Grade Ten, I performed in a one act play. I can’t, for the life of me, remember what it was called. Checks Google. It was called ‘He Done Her Wrong‘ by Anita Bell. Thank you, Google. All hail. Note: This post also appears at WC Writing Tips. Anyway, it […]


Nightfall in the Glade

Artwork by sketchling. Legato and Mezzo flew as if their wings were aflame, knocking baskets of gathered berries to the forest floor far below. The twins corkscrewed their way up and around the ancient tree to the canopy of the Glade. They landed on the Great Chamber’s platform at a sprint. Chancellor Fortissima of the […]


Alpha Dreams

Photo via Wikipedia. Dawn’s dim light glows in the porch windows. I sidle up to my girl and nuzzle her neck. She wakes and looks at me, her whiskers twitching. She smells it too. Another pup died in the night. She whimpers and groans as she rises to her feet to check on the rest […]


Plot, Premise and Story

Image by bykst. We’ve all been there: staring at the screen or notebook wondering how to write the middle of your story. You’ve built a wonderful world and crafted some deep characters. You might even have done a great job at setting the stage and have a great idea on where you want to end up. […]


The Hike

My life will never be the same. I spent the day climbing the rocky hillside. I needed to reach the summit and the cliff-side. I passed many other outcroppings on my way, but they weren’t high enough. I had to be sure. Killing yourself is serious business. You gotta get it right. The morning was […]


Dog Days

My life will never be the same. All it took was one moment of lazy exasperation. Supper steamed on the table, taunting me with its awesomeness. I was hungry. Hungry enough to eat the asshole out of a skunk as my grandfather would say. Mom told me to call the dog in. Sheba liked to […]


Alone on Tazin Lake

The Cessna’s wings clipped the tops off several jack pine as it thundered through the brush on its way down. When it finally slammed to a stop, Gus unbuckled and clambered forward to check on Darren in the pilot’s seat. His neck hung at a queer angle, but the tree branch protruding from his chest […]


10 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Better

Image via pixabay. Part of the whole writing gig is, well, writing. It’s pretty much a given that authors build a platform to market and promote their word-babies to the masses. Building your network with social media is great, but many opt to also use a blog as their home on the Interwebs. NOTE: This post […]


In the Eye of the Sandstorm

Image by Araken-Starway. A gust of wind stirred up the dust of the deserted street. It stung the stranger’s face as he led his burro into town. He brought his free arm across his face to protect his eyes and he gritted his teeth. The howling sandstorm drowned all other sound in its fury. Man and […]


Riding the Train

Photo by paupah. Riding the hover train this time of night always made me sleepy. The route passed through seedier parts of the city, so I took to people-watching to stay alert. I didn’t want to be one of the statistics that we heard nightly on the newsfeeds. The Authority talked a good game and […]


A Quick Tour of Social Media for Writers in 2014

Part of the writing game is marketing (talking about your work) and publicity (getting others to talk about your work). And that generally means using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and their ilk. Establishing an ‘author platform’ are bons mots du jour. So which network do you use? Do you have to be […]

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