The Bonded

Not every Fayre could be trusted. I learned that lesson early on. But for every million of the flittering little freaks that infested the planet, there was one who didn’t fill our minds with saccharine bullshit. No, these rare breeds cast aside their masks. Glit was my Companion. “What’s wrong, Nathan?” she asked. I swatted […]


Lemony Rain

I constructed my lair from the choicest rock candy, not dollar store seconds. The emerald green ribbon glowed deep within the rot of my heart. Shielded from the lemony rains, I would finally be free. Free to liberate Candytown from its chocolatey oppressors. Too long have the goody-good cocoa-dolts ruled the town. There was a […]


Full Circle

“A strange thing happened on the way to the bus stop,” I said, taking a plate from the rack and wiping it. Well-worn, these wedding gift dishes stood the test of time. “What’s that, sweetheart?” Heather rinsed a wine goblet and set it with its mate in the strainer. Third anniversary. Our first good year. […]

Power of Words

How Do You Respond to a Writing Challenge?

It’s easy to burn yourself out creatively when meeting writing deadlines or undertaking insanity projects like NaNoWriMo. Sometimes, it’s just mood and the chaos of life that locks your muse in a wooden crate wrapped in chains buried in your cellar. Don’t look there. Please excuse the bodies. NOTE: This post also appears at Writer’s […]


Black Ice Heart

Her icy stare made me shiver Even if she made me quiver I’d close my eyes our lips would part If only to melt the ice queen’s heart She leads me on, I’ve no choice to follow My brain is numb, my heart is hollow Across the tundra I would trek For a fleeting glimpse, […]


Writing Motivation

I don’t want to write this post. I don’t feel like it. Actually, I don’t feel like writing a cotton-pickin’ thing. Surely, there is something on TV? Nope. Damn. Well, there’s always YouTube. Cats playing pianos. Totally cool.

armagedon (6)

Last Glimpse

I found the perfect spot, for us to share a final gaze Of cosmic wonder, before the end of days The stars winked brightly, and the moon rose high Worlds left uncharted, above the cloudless sky And then the lights went out, it was just you and I We cuddled close, letting time tick by […]


5 Things I Learned During the 3 Day Novel Contest

My friend Anisa hinted, prodded, poked, goaded and shamed me into entering the 3 Day Novel Contest back on Labour Day weekend. It was her second time and I surmise she wanted to share the experience. You know, pay it forward and all that jazz.  So I did.


The Perfect Trick

Image via promagiclive. All eyes were either on Scott’s hands or Amy’s outfit. That was part of the hook. He’d fumble through the basic show tricks ably enough despite only picking up the magic book yesterday. Billie said he was a quick study and the proof stood up on stage. Scott’s bit was distraction. If […]



Vanquishing the mighty hero Inciting mayhem and chaos Legions of henchmen Lair of deceit Aggressor Intrigue rules with an iron fist No mercy says the wicked


The Plain Text Rebellion

Let me tell you a story. When I was in high school, I remember when typewriters became computers and document processing a la touch typing became the darling-do. Yes, I dated myself there. Cope and deal. I did a long time ago, you whipper-snappers. It could be worse: I could have regaled you with the […]


Lost in the Rain

rain in late summer the boy walks along the street following a boat Tommy stomps in puddles wearing his new red boots as his paper craft sails the stormy gutter. Swirling ever closer to the drain, it disappears inside. He bends over in his yellow slicker to look inside the grate. come closer little one […]

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