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Georgie Groundhog

“Oh dear, oh dear! I’m late, so terribly late,” muttered Georgie Groundhog to himself as he dressed for the storm outside.

“I’ve slept too long. Spring will never come. It’s Valentines and I haven’t given the Tree Princess her card! Oh dear, oh dear!”

He clambered out of his hiddy-hole, all mufflered and goggled up. His skis were in the mudroom and he slipped them on before opening the front door.

What greet him wasn’t the winter storm his almanac predicted, but a gorgeous spring day. Gloria the Tree Princess stood in his dooryard, waiting patiently for Georgie.

“Good morning, my friend, and Happy Spring,” she said as she bent to kiss the furry groundhog on his cheeks.

“But how, Princess? You never got my message?”

“You delivered it, Georgie. Weeks ago.”

“But, I slept in. I’m sure of it…”

“Did you drink the elderberry wine again?” she asked, knowing full well what happened.

Georgie’s whiskers twitched in embarrassed. He’d been having a dream.

Spring came after all.

Photo by Glyn Lowe Photoworks.

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