Dark stories, tales of whimsy and random brain droppings.


Me and Little Tim race our horses hard trying to catch up to the train. I saw him tumble from his mount. If the bullet didn’t kill him, surely the trampling did.

As I approached the caboose, my damn horse started blowing out. I had to leap and caught the rail. I struggled to hold on and nearly lost it when Jolene appeared from inside. Stronger than she looked, she helped me inside to safety.

“Thank you muchly.”

“T’wernt a problem if you stuck with the plan. Why haven’t you answered my telegraphs, Billy?”

“I been busy, darlin’.”

She slapped me just then.

“Don’t ‘darlin’ me, Billy. Tell me. Are you in love with Miss Kitty?”

“There’s no one but you, Jolene.”

Photo by State Library of Queensland, Australia

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