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Let’s Get Sticky!

I love sticky notes.

The real ones more than the digital kind.

Here’s a tip to prevent them from curling as much when you take ‘em off the stack: peel sideways instead of up. Try it. Totally works. You’re welcome.


I like the electronic stickies too– been using them since the old Blackberry days.

In the Microsoft universe, the data store for Notes is pretty much the same as with Tasks.

Exchange holds a Notes folder. This folder is exposed in Outlook on the desktop, but is kinda hidden. That’s fine. You won’t use it there.

And it doesn’t show up in Outlook on the web. Also fine.

Here’s all the best places that Sticky Notes show up:

If I were a betting-man, I’d wager that there will eventually be a Sticky Notes tab in OneNote and Outlook on the web. It makes sense. But “making sense” hasn’t always been in Microsoft’s wheelhouse.

Thankfully, I have Windows and Apple apps. All good.

Oh, and like iOS Reminders, iOS Notes can also be wired to Office 365. Your notes can be found in that app. This is also how you yell at your phone to take notes while you are on the go.

“Hey Siri. Take a note. This is my computer. There are many like it but this one is mine. My computer is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. My computer, without me is useless. Without my computer, I am useless.”


Here’s the thing tho:

Like their real counterparts, Sticky Notes are kinda transient and temporary. I don’t keep them very long. It’s usually for capturing something that I don’t know yet where to file it.

I don’t strive for Sticky Notes Zero at the end of every day or week, but I do my best to put the random brain-droppings in either OneNote or To Do. Or otherwise deal with them.

Sticky Notes shouldn’t be a data storage medium for passwords, PINs and locker combinations. But it’s okay for a quick list of crap that really isn’t a to-do list.

Generally, I use Sticky Notes as a quick reference for axioms, idiom, epigrams and turns of phrase that I randomly pick up. A reminder here and there. A cue. An idea.

But in the end, you… do you. I won’t judge. Much.

Do you use Sticky Notes?

If so, how?

Please sound off in the comments.

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