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The Gift

3 minute read

It took a lot of effort to get the fingerprints just right. Even a little too much would ruin them. Too little and they’d never find them at all. It was Chri...

Grace Under Fire

3 minute read

Grace raced to the emergency pull station on the other side of the room. There wasn’t much room for debate and doubt on this one. They fucked up. The quarant...

The Gypsy Tent

2 minute read

I wandered through the county fair, With plenty of coin and time to spare. Carnies barking to and fro, ‘Spin the wheel’ and ‘enjoy the show.’

On Taking Criticism

less than 1 minute read

A writer’s heart is an untamed beast. Tho from his quill flows a reader’s feast, Not all words are diamonds written. Sometimes the author’s ego’s bitten.‎

Falling Star

3 minute read

Martha woke from her terrible dream with the chills. She was having the same dream that she’d been having ever since the confirmed diagnosis two years ago. S...


3 minute read

Murderer! Murderer! I thought I would ne’er hear that word. But to my woe, you now bestow that label — many times have I heard. Now this is the day that I ...

Herb's Bad Week

4 minute read

Herb was delusional. He fancied himself a ladies man and a friend to all his peers in the office. He was his boss’s trusted lieutenant and the only one who w...

Tommy Collects

3 minute read

Tommy Andolini was a brute. That simple fact, coupled with an adversarial disposition, made him well-suited to his profession. In truth, he loved his job. Wo...

2013 Mid-way to Madness

1 minute read

Happy Canada Day! May bacon and coffee keep and protect you in these troubled times.

Artemis Nightrise

6 minute read

Evie had a problem. She was overwhelmed. The coven hadn’t assembled like this in more than two-hundred years. She was unsure how many of the Night-seekers we...

Deus Ex Machina

3 minute read

“Where’s my son?” Luthur Pinderton slammed his large hand against the cinder-block that framed the window of the interrogation room. Inside, Detective Goran...


4 minute read

Josie pulled the visor down on her heads-up display as she entered the airlock. Her pulse was racing. She felt a trickle of sweat bead down the small of her ...