Writings - Page 12


2 minute read

Shardik woke to the high-pitched laughter of the woman and growled quietly to himself.


1 minute read

Jake hobbled in to the kitchen and half-sat on his haunches. The old dog’s hips didn’t quite have the elasticity for a proper sit. He more or less squatted a...

Piscans Interruptus

2 minute read

Captain Nestor breathed a sigh of relief as his yacht left the hanger bay of the Vindictus. Finally, some alone time. It’d been too long since he’d taken hol...


less than 1 minute read

Reflected in the steel above, I watch the red line widen as he traces the scalpel from my navel to between my breasts. I tense as the sting turns from bliste...


2 minute read

Peter wanted a smoke. It wasn’t so much a physical need as an emotional imperative. After all, he was three years old. Fucking gypsies.

The Toy

less than 1 minute read

a haiku poem

Wendell's Solution

2 minute read

‘How the Hell did he get up there?’ thought Tony as he looked up the rampart wall of the prison’s exercise yard. Wendell held what could only be a shiv to th...


less than 1 minute read

I waited impatiently for my computer to shut down. It’d been a long day of meetings and Brenda called several times.

Sierra Enigma

6 minute read

It’s never been easy working in the same place where Mom died. The university’s sprawling campus occupied most of the peninsula, and the hospital sat at its ...

The Last Days of the Marcy Bell

2 minute read

Officially, the Marcy Bell was a salvage rig, licensed for Canadian and international waters but not American. Since 9/11, it was only through a sea of red t...

Good Boy, Jake

less than 1 minute read

Rod in hand, I went to the lake, To fish for trout with my dog Jake. I cast my line, it went plop-plop. We waited for nature’s wat’ry crop.

Justin Takes Control

6 minute read

Agent Justin Cayse left the bordello from the rear, having escaped his captor. Ava Longleggs, always the most generous of hosts, enjoyed Mister Cayse’s visit...