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Western Standoff

less than 1 minute read

Billy: Ya rascally varmit, git back here! Davey: Who’s gonna make me? Tommy: That’d be me. Billy: With what, yer lady’s ladel? Tommy: Better than yer rol...

The Bogeyman

1 minute read

Daddy says it’s time to sleep, To go to bed with naught a peep. The clock winds down, the hour late. I know I have to face my fate.

Poor Kid

less than 1 minute read

The Sheriff hauled Jimmy to the gallows to become acquainted with the hangman’s knot. You see, he tried to clean the table with a counterfeit full-house. Dru...

Late at Night

less than 1 minute read

I opened my eyes and could not see. Nothing but black in front of me. I lay supine upon this bed, Thinking I’d be better dead.


less than 1 minute read

Me and Little Tim race our horses hard trying to catch up to the train. I saw him tumble from his mount. If the bullet didn’t kill him, surely the trampling ...

Georgie Groundhog

less than 1 minute read

“Oh dear, oh dear! I’m late, so terribly late,” muttered Georgie Groundhog to himself as he dressed for the storm outside.


less than 1 minute read

You see, Sheriff. I was taking a shower at the Deadman’s Falls after Festus pushed me in the dirt. Sure, there was a bout of fisticuffs, but nothing too craz...

Cowboy Games

2 minute read

The Cedarwood Home for the Elderly stood at the end of a dead-end street in a rotting borough of a dying town, an apt image not lost on the staff and residen...


less than 1 minute read

Prickly pointy spikes Drawing blood with slightest brush Struggling to survive

A Horse

less than 1 minute read

I should like to be a horse, So long as it’s a paint, of course. Flying riderless across the plain, Wind tickling my flowing mane.

Perfect Party

less than 1 minute read

Doug is dressed in his party best, In a feathered hat and a sequined vest. With an icy beer in each hand, He’d rock it out, with the band.

Maggie's Secret

less than 1 minute read

“So, I know something you don’t know.”