Musings - Page 4


3 minute read

Healthy living and productivity can be an interesting challenge with a lot of complimentary skills — mad ninja skills. Too bad I’m not a ninja. Yet.

Time to Let Go and Play

2 minute read

So, first the update. Currently, I weigh 239.2 pounds and a wear a size 38 pants. That’s down 67 pounds and 10 pant sizes since April. 92 pounds gone over al...

A Personal Experiment for September

2 minute read

Another month down, another 10 pounds shed. At 246, I’m a full 60 lbs down since April when I opted to eschew grains and refined sugars and a whopping 85 lbs...

Cheerios Are Evil

1 minute read

So my grandson was visiting with us on the weekend. He’s a great kid. Having him around is an inspiration to get healthy.

My 30 Day Challenge

2 minute read

April is a nice square looking month this year — starts on a Sunday and all that. April Fools Day makes as great a New Year as anything for resolutions.

Remembering Wilson Verge

3 minute read

I met Wilson in the summer of 1998. I was doing some very hands-on IT consulting for the NSCC Metro campuses. In conversation, I made the mistake of letting ...